GOOSE Leg Warmers Child - Cream

£35.00 GBP £10.50 GBP

Brand Omibia

Leg warmers are an oft-overlooked winter accessory. The practicality of being able to layer them over tights, leggings and trousers when outdoors and then scrunch them down or remove them altogether once inside makes legwarmers a must have item, indeed. Our Goose Leg Warmers do everything you would hope for in a leg warmer, all whilst looking incredibly stylish, being unimaginably soft and whilst being top of the game for sustainability. Give them a try and you’ll wonder why you went so long without them! Made in our exclusive blend of natural and sustainable fibres: 60% mulesing-free wool, 20% recycled polyamide, 20% recycled viscose. In Moss, Cream and Blue.

Composition: 60%Mulesing free Wool 20%Recycle Polyamide 20%Viscose

Small size aprox 31cmts long

Medium size aprox 34cmts long

Made in Portugal

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