Organic Baby Cloths

More than ever, we are seeing a rise in organic baby apparel and natural children’s brands. The biggest thing to look for in clothes for newborns and babies is the fiber used to make the bulk of the clothing. Almost all babywear is made with cotton, typically conventional cotton that has been bleached and dyed. More on this in a moment, but first, let’s take a quick look at a few other potential issues with baby clothing, including the presence of chemicals known as:

  • Functional (or effect) chemical substances
  • Auxiliary chemical substances
  • Chemical substances not intentionally added

These three categories are used by scientists to describe chemicals commonly found in textiles including clothing (as well as sheets, drapes, carpets, etc.). They’re also used by regulators looking to manage exposure to potentially problematic chemicals, and by organizations who offer certification programs for eco-friendly, non-toxic textiles.

 As parents learn about health warnings and negative environmental effects caused by the textile industry, they want cleaner and safer products for their babies; they want organic

As we began to explore options for organic and natural baby brands, we were thrilled to discover a wide range of labels varying in style, location, and price point. The organic baby clothing collections are not only chic and affordable, but also, they are better for your child’s skin and overall health.

Omibia knows the Danger of Environmental toxins. It’s the perfect shop for Fair Trade Certified, Affordable, and organic apparel for your little ones

For anyone hoping to keep clutter to a minimum, avoid the hassle of sending clothes to thrift or trying to stay ahead of the growing-game, and who just wants to be eco-friendly and get adorable organic baby clothes arriving in the mail each month, this is for you. You’ll see that many baby clothing brands offer organic materials. These are especially good for your baby’s skin because the clothes tend to be soft and free from chemicals. Cotton and other natural materials, like linen, are solid choices because they don’t trap moisture against baby’s skin.

Omibia Baby Essentials is hands-down the easiest and most affordable way to ensure a constant supply of sustainable, organic, gorgeous baby clothing to fit your baby for the few years of life. This practically zero-waste, smart baby wardrobe service has pre-loved high quality organic baby clothing at a fraction of the cost when you everything individually.

With all this in mind, designers who make kids’ clothing—and do it sustainably—often put a tremendous amount of thought and care into their products. Of course, they want to make it cute and comfortable, so kids will pick it out of the drawer first, but they also want to ensure that it will last through normal wear-and-tear as well as staying in good-enough shape to pass it down to other children to use.

When we think of being more conscientious with our shopping habits, ethical children’s clothing is probably not the first thing to come to mind. For a long time, it was one of the last areas of fashion to offer sustainable options.

Kids grow so fast, and are so hard on their clothes, that spending more than the bare minimum on children’s clothing can sound wasteful. In fact, it’s much less wasteful, and even more cost-effective, in the long run, to buy ethical and sustainable children’s clothing. Traditional Kid clothes are the epitome of fast fashion. They capitalize on quick production times by exploiting their workers, polluting nearby rivers, and using chemical-filled fabrics and dyes. These are fabrics that envelop your baby’s sensitive skin, and more likely than not end up in their mouth. That’s why natural, chemical free fabrics are important than ever for babies and small children.

Kids grow quickly and are hard on their clothes, but instead of buying cheap, poorly made outfits that will lastly only a few recesses, consider clothing your little ones in more durable, well made, ecofriendly kids clothing that you can feel good about. Our Karin dungarees are adorable and simple to put on. They're perfect for the daily adventures of little ones. This is stunning. Your child was so comfy and looked like amazing. Inspired by the rebirth of a timeless childhood favorite Our stunning Alamo Dungarees are a sought-after option. It's a serious contender to be you’re the most coveted piece of clothing. If you wear it in a relaxed way, it will be your new style of choice and they'll be the perfect match. When we talk about sweaters, Omibia designed a comfortable and classic style sweaters for babies. We have recently asked you to pick Our Abigail Sweater and share the reasons why you love the sweaters. We were overwhelmed by lovely comments and wonderful comments, and we decided to share a few of your feedback below.

March 26, 2022 — Ali Khan