Naturally soft & sustainable clothing

Omibia sets itself the highest possible standards for making the lowest possible environmental impact. Excellent craftsmanship, sustainable business principles and attention to detail are key values in the design process. Omibia uses GOTS-certified cotton fabrics. Our 100% baby Alpaca wool comes from the Peruvian Highlands in South America. Our garments are made in the UK, Portugal and Spain. Many of our designs are either made completely by hand or made using domestic machines. Our environmentally friendly and child-safe wooden toys, hand made by artisans, are made from sustainable materials, painted with non-toxic colours and treated with bees’ wax.

We think nature knows best, so we use 100% natural materials. Whether it is the baby alpaca that makes our precious knitted cardigans so warm, or the organic cotton that makes our light summer dresses so fresh, we strive to create the best from what nature has to offer.

Baby Alpaca is a sustainable, high performance, raw material, that provides superior warmth, insulation and comfort. Baby Alpaca, from the underbelly of adult animals, is extremely rich and silky, with a distinctive lustre. Similar to sheep’s wool, but lighter in weight, warmer and softer, it is becoming increasingly popular due to the lower impact alpacas have on the environment, compared to other wool-bearing animals. We are convinced that quality fashion should be created in a 100% sustainable and responsible way. We can look great and do good, at the same time.


Omibia’s policy is to exclusively use environmentally sustainable materials, recycled boxes and all recyclable packaging. We even use biodegradable and compostable bags, made from corn starch,  to protect your garments.